Newsroom Summary April 2021

We are covering here a summary of the latest media coverage of OQ Technology activities in the field of #Satellite #IoT with our innovative solution of using #5G #IoT wireless technology over low earth orbit satellites.

Starting with an interview conducted by #SpaceNews jounralist Jason Rainbow, as OQ Technology is gearing up for market access of satellite 5G IoT, securing multiple launch slots with partner launch service provider Spaceflight Inc. is an essential step. Especially in a fast race among other companies, and we quote “OQ Technology is one of dozens of small satellite IoT startups that are racing to expand their services.

A flurry of IoT satellites launched in the last week of March, including inaugural satellites for two startups: Spain-based Sateliot and Australia’s Myriota.

Sateliot expects to begin offering commercial services next year, and like OQ Technology its network will work with 5G IoT standards used by terrestrial telcos.

Qaise said its satellites will be larger and more powerful than Sateliot’s, and will also have a first-mover advantage after earlier tests with its own patented technology.”

Read full article at this link: Link

Via Satellite reckons “After successfully testing cellular narrowband IoT using commercial Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) nanosatellites in 2019, OQ Technology is now developing a 60-satellite constellation. The OQ system aims to extend cellular 5G IoT coverage beyond the reach of cell towers.”

Read full article here: Link-ViaSatellite

Finally, similar coverage of the event has been done by SatNews and SpaceWatch Global:

Link-SatNews and Link-SatWatchGlobal

Check these interesting articles above — This brings us to the end of this newsroom summary, we will follow on next month.

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