Podcast: The Tech That Connects Us

New Baby, 1st Commercial Satellite Launch, Horror Movies, Backstreet Boys and OQ Technology!

This week’s neuco podcast episode 44 is with Omar Qaise 🛰 CEO & CO-Founder of OQ Technology 🌍 :

Join Tom Wilding and me as we speak with Omar Qaise 🛰, the founder and CEO of OQ Technology, an exciting international NewSpace customer-focused start-up in Luxembourg that is building a global 5G LEO satellite constellation dedicated to “Internet-of-Things”​ communication.

What a year for Omar Qaise 🛰 — Becoming a father, New Baby along with OQ Technology 1st commercial satellite launch — Tiger 2 🍼 🚀

Omar career includes working for the European Space Agency — ESA (ESA), (German Aerospace Center (DLR)), SES Satellites & OHB System AG 🛰

Listen to Omar Qaise talk about:

🍛 Indian & Mexican food
😱 Horror movies
🎤 BackStreet Boys
🚀👶 Baby Qaise junior becoming the youngest space launch spectator!
🔐 IoT and the evolution of M2M
🍎 🚀 Albert Einstein & Elon Musk
💉 🛰 Career choice: Become a Dr or build satellites

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